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A Cut-to-Length Solution for Long Creek Steel

When you fulfill a multitude of sheet metal needs to a wide variety of customers across many industries, having reliable, easy-to-use machines is just as important as having dependable employees to run them. Just ask South Dakota-based manufacturer, Long Creek Steel. When they recently found themselves in the market for a cut-to-length system, they sought the help of SWI Machinery.

Long Creek Steel is a privately owned manufacturing company that rollforms metal roof and wall panels with a large selection of trims and accessories for use in the agricultural, commercial, and residential construction industry. The highly skilled professionals at LCS have years of experience in the metal and post frame component industry, and they host a wide variety of quality metal roofing and wall panel selections, as well as a large selection of accessories.

The folks at LCS take immense pride in the quality of their products and services, so they need the best of the best when it comes to sheet metal machinery to continue providing top-level products to their customers. When their need for a machine overhaul at their facility arose, they quickly turned to SWI.

As a top international provider of sheet metal machinery, SWI utilizes state-of-the-art technology to drive its superior Simplex and Duplex Folders, Marxman Automatic Slitters, Uncoilers, and Recoilers. With countless machines in operation today, SWI is widely recognized as the “go to” provider for reliable, efficient sheet metal technology. It’s no wonder LCS had them on their radar when it was time to up their manufacturing footprint.

LCS had a tall order for a 4-Station Modular Uncoiler, a Marxman Pro, and a Recoiler, and SWI was more than happy to hit the ground running in filling the sizeable request, as Jason Smoak, of SWI’s U.S. operations explained.

“This customer was looking for reliability and added capacity,” Smoak said. “We completed this install very quickly and efficiently, made sure all staff were properly and thoroughly trained, and continued to follow up with the customer in the days ahead to make sure everything was running smoothly. They told us they could already tell a difference from their experience with previous machines and they couldn’t be more pleased with the results they were experiencing.”

Not only are SWI’s range of machines known for their dependability and ease of use, the top-notch, versatile functionality keeps customers coming back time after time.

For this project at LCS, Smoak pointed out some features of the Marxman Pro, in particular, that proved especially valuable for the new machine recipients.

“The Pro has both a guillotine shear as well as a part cut slitter,” he said. “The shear allows just a single stroke to cut the entire width of the coil and the part cut slitter gives the machine the option to cut any piece anywhere on the sheet. The nesting capability of the control decides what is the quickest and most efficient option to cut down on scrap and time. The customer was especially happy with that feature.”

The effective, reliable mechanical design of SWI’s machines, which Smoak said are all ready to be put to the test as soon as they’re installed, helps solidify SWI as an industry leader for the most demanding sheet metal needs out there. Long Creek Steel had a need, and SWI quickly rose to the challenge.