A Legacy of International Excellence

SWI is an international leader in sheet metal machinery. State-of-the-art sheet metal technology drives SWI’s superior long folders and automated MARXMAN slitter/blankers. SWI’s range includes Simplex & Duplex folders, Marxman slitters, integrated cut-to-length lines, uncoilers, recoilers, multi-station uncoilers, rollformers and complete customized process lines.

The most impressive feature of SWI machinery is undoubtedly its ease of use. On this foundation, SWI has engineered reliable, robust and accurate machines by combining:

Efficient, Smart, Simple

  • The world’s latest CNC in-house manufacturing technology from America, Europe, Taiwan & Japan.
  • Internationally regarded hydraulic & electrical system technologies from America & Europe.
  • The latest connectivity technologies including remote performance monitoring, ERP integration, and off-site data delivery direct to the factory floor.
  • Dozens of years of international production & operations experience.
  • Superior safety system design & implementation.
  • Energetic and highly trained personnel – experts in their fields.

These 6 corner stones have been pulled together into an engineering package that has produced, by far, the best all around production sheet metal machinery available on the market today. These are seriously efficient machines for those who need fast, safe, reliable sheet metal fabricating capability.

Our customers include the world’s largest roofing companies as well as hundreds of family-owned enterprises around the globe. With over 1,000 machines in operation around the world, SWI is established as the “go to” provider for reliable, efficient sheet metal technology.