Specifically designed for higher volume applications, the SWI ADSS-Auto Decoiling & Storage System, can be coupled to any rollforming or slitting & blanking application for fast, automatic coil changes. When coupled with SWI’s Marxman Series, the slitting line will automatically instruct the ADSS which coil is required for the production run. The coil is efficiently retrieved from the coil farm by the ADSS and fed automatically into the Marxman Pro.

Special features of the SWI ADSS include the ability to handle coils without the need for any expensive mandrels. Coil spacing can be varied, so that a combination of large and small coils can be placed into the coil farm without wasting floor space. Typical coil change times are less than 2 minutes. During coil changes, process operators are free to attend to other tasks such as order management and preparing for the next batch run, which saves time and provides higher machine utilisation.

Every time a coil is handled, it’s mass can be estimated by the ADSS. The mass is recorded in the material database so that it’s evident at the start of a production run whether or not a coil is likely to be exhausted before the job is finished. The ADSS can operate as an autonomous coil handling system, making it ideal for retrofit to existing high volume rollforming applications.

Using internationally respected components such as Allen Bradley PLC control, SEW variable speed drives, Rexroth hydraulics and SICK safety systems, the SWI ADSS is built with long term serviceability in mind. The ADSS does not require any special training and normal operational tasks are self-evident. Obviously, with such highly automated systems, safety is paramount. The ADSS includes rigid hydraulic piping to eliminate hydraulic hose failures. Robust CAT4 light curtains continuously monitor the ADSS movement zone and all electric motors have mechanical brakes to ensure rapid stopping and secure load holding should the machine shut down due to unplanned power outage.



  • Coils can be easily added or removed from the coil farm via forklift or crane
  • Offline coil changes can be done during machine operation
  • Fast and quiet operation.
  • Coil mass estimation.
  • Industrial Remote Control for manual operation.
  • Reduced interaction with coils improves safety.
  • No special mandrels required.
  • No special floor foundation required.
  • Reduced coil damage and scratching
  • Barcode identification of database material types & coil location.
  • Coil bore protection can be arranged for customers at cost
  • Barcode scanning for swapping coils in/out of the coil farm.
  • Hydraulic expanding mandrels
  • Deublin hydraulic rotary unions
  • Networkable with other SWImachinery
  • Safe rewinding and storage of thicker materials

Optional Accessories

Coil Cars

  • 5,000 kg (11,000 lb) Modular First station, with coil car
  • 5,000 kg (11,000 lb) Additional stations, with coil car
  • 6,000 kg (13,200 lb) Modular First station, with coil car
  • 6,000 kg (13,200 lb) Additional stations, with coil car

ADSS Coil Car System