Specifically designed for higher volume applications, the SWI CX5 – Auto Decoiling & Storage System can be coupled to any rollforming or slitting & blanking application for fast, automatic coil changes.

The SWI CX5 can be coupled with any rollforming or slitting & blanking application to produce fast, automatic coil changes with a customizable range of stations  (typically 12-36 rolls with the capability to add more stations to fit your operation’s needs). Not only does the new CX5 system take efficiency to the next level, but it also boasts top-of-the-line guarding and safety features to keep you and your operators safe. Additionally, unlike competitor brands, our CX5 technology does not use mandrels to move coils.

When coupled with SWI’s Marxman Series Slitters and Uncoilers, the slitting line will automatically instruct the CX5 which coil is required for the production run. The coil is efficiently retrieved from the coil farm by the CX5 and fed automatically into the Marxman. Typical coil change times are less than 3 minutes. During coil changes, process operators are free to attend to other tasks such as order management and preparing for the next batch run, which saves time and provides higher machine utilization.


  • 12,000 lb capacity
  • Mandrel-less design
  • Integration and control from Marxman Pro and Marxman Plus workstation
  • Coil change time typically less than 3 min
  • Hydraulic linkage expand powered uncoiler with snubbers
  • Allen Bradley control system
  • Fully automated coil load & rewind
  • Full guarding for system (rear fence and front light curtain)
  • Automatic speed control
  • Fully welded & powder coated chassis
  • Category 4 Emergency Stop Circuits
  • Reliable SEW Variable Speed Drives
  • Rexroth Hydraulic Components
  • Quiet hydraulic pump
  • Deublin rotary hydraulic couplings with integrated drip tray
  • Remote control for manual operation
  • Safe Low Voltage 24VDC Controls
  • Nickel Plated Mechanical Components

Customizable Stations to Fit Your Operation’s Needs

  • 12 Station Base Model *
  • Double Wide 24 Stations*
  • Triple Wide 36 Stations*

* Must be paired with an SWI Uncoiler

  • Add Additional 3 Stations
  • Add Additional 6 Stations
  • Add Additional Coil Cradles