SWI Duplex


SWI Duplex folders are built for speed and durability. When designing the Duplex, we listened to what our customers wanted from an up & down folder. We listened to what they didn’t like about other machines on the market. The Duplex eliminates the inefficiencies seen in other up & down folders through intelligent design and incredible ease of use. Those of us who have used the SWI Duplex know that it’s easier to use than any traditional long folder.

We tested it with real flashings from one of the largest roofing companies in Australia. We now know that the SWI Duplex has at least 57.7% more capacity than a traditional long folder. In one test, we achieved 82.2% capacity improvement.

SWI’s latest model Duplex folder incorporates dozens of advancements in control and mechanical design, making them the preferred choice of the world’s largest and smallest roofing fabricators that include Kingspan in Europe and Metal Sales in the USA.

With the seemingly endless race to make folders move faster and faster, SWI has taken advice from Europe’s most experienced safety experts to engineer a machine that provides exceptional throughout with movements limited to sensible speeds that are less hazardous to operators.


  • 280 Degrees of Free Space
  • 150-degree Maximum Angle
  • 40 cm (15.75-inch) Open Height
  • 32-inch touchscreen
  • Barcode Scanning & Integration with ShopLink & eBend app
  • Very Simple Apron Position Mechanical Adjustments for Angle Tuning
  • Recessed Fold Apron Geometry
  • Rollforming & swaging options

  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Internationally Available Hydraulic Pumps
  • Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Slitter Carriage
  • Certified Laser Finger Detection at the Clamping Point
  • Low Maintenance Folding Linkages
  • Tapering Backgauge Included
  • Optional – Automatic Sheet Loading Supports
  • Servo Valves Optional for High Speed


  • Maximum Fold Angle: 150/deg
  • Standard Clamp Angle: Bottom 35deg / Top 45deg
  • Width of Apron: 12mm (0.472”)
  • Width of Heavy Gauge bar: 15mm (0.6”)
  • Maximum number folds per program: 100

  • Maximum Backgauge Speed: Over 400mm/sec (15”/sec)
  • Power Connection: 415V/3PH/50-60HZ
  • Maximum Backgauge position: 1220mm (48”)
  • Minimum Backgauge Position 10mm (0.394″)
  • Slitter offset from clamp: 60mm (2.375″)

Standard Accessories

High Powered Slitter

Aluminum slitter head and powerful chain drive provide reliable slitting capacity up to 2.0mm (14ga).

High Powered Slitter Simplex

Replaceable Clamp Inserts

High strength replaceable steel inserts on both upper & lower clamp beams are standard.


Light curtain for the slitter carriage and laser finger detection are standard features on Marxman Duplex machines.

Simple Operation

SWI Folders are internationally famous for their ease of use. All high-end advanced features can be used even by inexperienced operators, thanks to SWI’s clever 3D interface. This means less downtime, more production.


Comes with more Backgauges than our competitors. Eight Backgauges for an 8200 Simplex accommodating for parts as short as 500mm and with a range from 1220mm to 5mm. Speeds up to 500mm-per-second.

Optional Software Packages

ShoplinkShopLink software links the SWI Slitter and SWI Folder together to eliminate shop floor data entry. The barcodes produced by ShopLink can be scanned at the SWI Folder to instantly load the folding program for each part. ShopLink can also be used to record coil consumption, production date & also keeps track of offcut stock.

eBend allows flashing & trim details to be sent directly from construction site to SWI Sheetmetal Machinery. Files automatically generated by the eBend app can be emailed directly to SWI’s range of Marxman slitters, Simplex & Duplex folders for direct manufacture without any further data input in the manufacturing process.

Additional Specs

wdt_ID Working Length Throat Depth Mild Steel Hi Tensile Aluminum Arms Backgauges Fold Cyls Approx. Mass
3 6.5m
5 6 5 12,700kg
8 8.2m
(26' 11")
6 7 6 16,000kg
7 10m
7 8 7 18,200kg