Marxman Plus


The Marxman Plus provides all the capability and reliability of traditional Marxman machines, with the added efficiency of 8 pairs of auto setting slitter blades. It also includes the same user interface as the fully-featured Marxman Pro. This provides for automatic part nesting, waste minimization and integration with a wide range of business software via ShopLink. It’s also possible to connect an offline label printer to the Plus so that labels can be printed for manual application by the operator.

For a complete package, SWI offers a range of recoiling and uncoiling solutions to suit every budget.


  • Powered Five Roll Straightener
  • All Shafts are Chrome Plated and Induction Hardened
  • Material up to 18 ga (1.25mm)
  • 8 Sets of Slitting Blades
  • 17-inch Touchscreen
  • Coil Management Software
  • ShopLink Integration Streamlines Production
  • Remote Control
  • Automatic, Easy-to-use Nesting Function
  • Optional Zebra Printer for Manual Label Application onto Parts
  • 20-minute slitter blade change-out
  • Networkable and Remotely Accessible
  • Maintenance Alerts via Email
  • Couple with a Wide Range of SWI Uncoilers & Recoilers


  • Maximum Speed: 50m/min (150FPM)
  • Length Repeatability: ±1mm (±0.040”)
  • Maximum Coil Width: 1244mm (49″)
  • Minimum Coil Width: 200mm (8”)
  • Electrical Supply: 415V/3PH/50-60HZ

Standard Accessories

Film Applicator

SWI  provides a film applicator that is standard on all slitting/CTL lines. This film application method provides excellent runability and is also easy to adjust. A built-in braking system controls the tension at which the film is applied to the metal.

Film Applicator

Feed Table

All SWI slitting/CTL lines come equipped with in-feed tables standard. This table serves two purposes. The first is, when coupled with an SWI uncoiler, the table allows one person to easily load the material into the machine. The second is to provide an area to easily apply the strippable film.

Feed Table

Auto Knife Positioning:

The Marxman Plus comes standard with 8 pairs of slitting knives which can be fully set in a little over 45 seconds.

Optional Accessories

Manually apply labels to each blank. The label includes a barcode that can be scanned at your SWI Simplex or Duplex folder to automatically load the folding program for each workpiece.

Zebra Printer

SWI’s new Recoiler systems provide an effective low cost recoiling solution for occasional or frequent recoiling of coils to 11,000 lbs.

SWI’s range of modular uncoilers are the perfect coil feeding solution to complement any of SWI’s Marxman slitter/blankers or other process lines.

Modular Uncoiler

Optional Software Packages

ShoplinkShopLink software links the SWI Slitter and SWI Folder together to eliminate shop floor data entry. The barcodes produced by ShopLink can be scanned at the SWI Folder to instantly load the folding program for each part. ShopLink can also be used to record coil consumption, production date & also keeps track of offcut stock.

eBend allows flashing & trim details to be sent directly from construction site to SWI Sheetmetal Machinery. Files automatically generated by the eBend app can be emailed directly to SWI’s range of Marxman slitters, Simplex & Duplex folders for direct manufacture without any further data input in the manufacturing process.

Additional Specs

wdt_ID Model Max Material Width Knives Mild Steel Stainless Aluminum Drive Shear Min. Slit Width Straightener Approx. Weight
1 S1220mm 1244mm
8 Sets 1.2mm
5 Rolls 3,500kg