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The All-New Marxman Pro

The all-new Marxman Pro model provides the world’s most advanced sheet metal blanking system. Based on the famous SWI Marxman, the Marxman Pro has the added benefit of auto knife setup, auto nesting, and optional part cut and label application capability.

No burrs, accurate slits & lengths, SWI paid particular attention to the traditional problems the slitter operator faces. Each issue is addressed with carefully engineered solutions. This provides a fuss-free, accurate slitting and blanking.

Our comprehensive manual illustrates the operation in simple step-by-step instructions to ensure you get the very best from your Marxman Pro.

The Marxman Pro can effortlessly produce an astonishing throughput with minimal operator intervention. Existing installations consistently produce around 200 parts-per-hour of machine runtime.

SWI’s ShopLink software links the SWI Slitter and SWI Folder together to eliminate shop floor data entry. The barcodes produced by ShopLink can be scanned at the SWI Folder to instantly load the folding program for each part.

ShopLink can also be used to record coil consumption, production date & also keeps track of off-cut stock.


Marxman Pro Benefits

Part Cut – Unique to the Marxman Pro, is the clever Part Cut system. The Part Cut system allows ANY slit part to be separated and cut to length independently of adjacent slit parts.

Auto Knife Positioning – The Marxman Pro comes standard with 7 pairs of slitting knives which can be fully set in a little over 30 seconds.

Patented Knife Clearance System – The Marxman Pro uses a unique mechanical system to maintain accurate clearance between upper and lower slitting knives. (Pat.App.2012100370)

Simple Operation – The 17” LCD Touchscreen control is simple enough for even inexperienced operators to use.

Automatic Labelling – The Marxman Pro has the optional capability to automatically apply labels to each blank. The label includes a barcode that can be scanned at your SWI Simplex or Duplex folder to automatically load the folding program for each workpiece.

Minimize Waste – Simple automatic nesting eliminates the tedious task of manually determining the cutting pattern. Save hours of manual calculation and cut scrap costs dramatically.


For more information on the Marxman Pro or SWI Machinery, please visit our website at www.swimachinery.com or call and speak to a representative at (770) 891-4388.