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Providing Outstanding Service On-Site and Remotely

SWI, an international leader in sheet metal slitters and folding equipment, is known for its robust, high-quality construction that allows decades of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance of our state-of-the-art equipment. For those occasional times when your machine does require a bit of maintenance, SWI has you covered. We’ve recently improved upon our already outstanding service, and here some new things you can expect:


Should your machine run into a situation where maintenance is required, it’s possible the situation may arise at the most inopportune time. With that in mind, SWI is pleased to offer extended servicing time to ensure your business’s production is minimally interrupted. We’ll be readily available to take care of any emergency maintenance needs from 8 a.m. until midnight (EST) Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST) Saturday and Sunday.


SWI introduces our latest method to provide top-notch service for your machine if you encounter any maintenance issues. Our new service team van is well-equipped with all the tools necessary to make sure your machine is up and running in no time.

Service Team Van

All of our SWI machines are equipped with remote login capabilities, granting us the capacity to almost immediately assist with software updates, troubleshooting issues, aid in writing programs, and general customer service inquiries.

Our mission is simple: to provide high up-time equipment at a competitive price. SWI’s range of equipment includes Simplex & Duplex folders, Marxman slitters, integrated cut-to-length lines, uncoilers, recoilers, multi-station uncoilers, rollformers and complete customized process lines.

Our customers include the world’s largest roofing companies as well as hundreds of family-owned enterprises around the globe. With over 1,000 machines in operation around the world today and growing, SWI is well established as the “go-to” provider for reliable, efficient sheet metal technology.