Shoplink Software

SWI recognizes the very important role of software in modern manufacturing processes. SWI’s folder interface software has long been recognized as the easiest-to-use fully-featured interface available.

Over the past 15 years, SWI has built upon that foundation to develop a fully-integrated manufacturing software package– ShopLink.

ShopLink provides our customers a manufacturing software system that is built into the machines, and integrates with their business software. Behind SWI’s easy-to-use machine software is a detailed SQL database that can be integrated into existing business software such as SAP, making it suitable for large or small, modern paperless manufacturing systems.

Unlike other equipment providers, SWI has complete control over the software, making it suitable for integration into any size existing operation.

For smaller operations, the database simply does its thing behind the scenes, linking detailing, slitting & folding into a seamless, paperless process.

Importantly, SWI’s system remains flexible enough to allow job data input at any stage of the process. Even with the fully integrated system, it’s still possible to enter customer’s job data at the folder itself, or even at the Marxman slitter. No matter what point in the process the job data is entered, it’s all captured in the SWI database.

  • Links the SWI Marxman Automatic Slitters and SWI Folders together to eliminate shop floor data entry, which improves uptime and efficiency
  • Auto nesting on Marxman Plus & Pro to provide minimum scrap – eliminate manual nesting time
  • Easy identification of parts that can be manufactured from existing off-cuts
  • Automatic tracking of completed jobs