Simplex Folder

Our machines have a massive list of standard features. The first thing that people comment on when they use an SWI Simplex folder, is its ease of use.

It’s fast, simple and flexible enough to be used by the most inexperienced, as well as the most particular, experienced operators.


  • 150-Degree Fold Angles on Some Models
  • Barcode Scanning and Integration with ShopLink & eBend app
  • Simple Radius Construction and Execution
  • Recessed Fold Apron Geometry
  • 23″ Touchscreen Controller
  • Sleek Clamp and Apron Designs Eliminate Catch Points when Folding Flashings
  • Very Simple Apron Crowning Adjustments for Angle Tuning
  • Minimal Clamp Movements Speed Up Cycle Times
  • Internationally Available Hydraulic Pumps
  • Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Slitter Carriage
  • Certified Laser Finger Detection at the Clamping Point.
  • Slitter Light Curtains Provide Positive Finger Detection During Slitter Operation
  • Chain Drive Slitter Eliminates Slitter Drive Slippage


  • Maximum Fold Angle: 150 deg
  • Clamp Angles: 45 Degrees
  • Width of Apron: 10mm (.393’’)
  • Additional Width of Heavy Gauge Bar: 15mm (0.6”)
  • Max Number of Folds per Program: 100
  • Fold Repeatability: +/- 1 deg
  • BackguageRepeatability: +/-0.1mm (0.004”)
  • Clamping Stroke: 400mm (15.75”)
  • Maximum Backgauge Speed: Over 400mm/sec (15”/sec)
  • Power Connection: 415V/3PH/50-60HZ
  • Maximum Backgauge Position: 1220mm (48”)
  • Minimum Backgauge Position: 10mm (.375’’)
  • Slitter Offset for Clamp: 60mm (2.375’’)

Standard Accessories

High Powered Slitter

Aluminum 2 1 slitter head and powerful chain drive provide reliable slitting capacity up to 2.0mm (14ga).

High Powered Slitter Simplex

Replaceable Clamp Inserts

The tip of the upper & lower clamps have replaceable hardened inserts that can be replaced should they be damaged.

Replaceable Clamps


Light curtain for the slitter carriage and laser finger detection are standard features on the Simplex Folder.


Simple Operation

SWI Folders are internationally famous for their ease of use. All high-end advanced features can be used even by inexperienced operators, thanks to SWI’s clever 3D interface.


Seven Backgauges for an 8.2m (27′) Simplex accommodating for parts as short as 500mm and a range from 1220mm (48″) to 5mm (0.2″). Speeds over 400mm per second.

Optional Software Packages

eBend allows flashing & trim details to be sent directly from construction site to SWI Sheetmetal Machinery. Files automatically generated by the eBend app can be emailed directly to SWI’s range of Marxman slitters, Simplex & Duplex folders for direct manufacture without any further data input in the manufacturing process.

Additional Specs

wdt_ID Working Length Throat Depth Mild Steel Hi Tensile Aluminum Arms Backgauges Fold Cyls Approx. Mass
1 6.5m
5 6 5 8,500kg
2 8.2m
(26' 11")
6 7 6 10,500kg
3 10m
7 8 7 12,500kg