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There’s no denying it – the price of materials has seen a steady rise across multiple industries. The sheet metal industry is far from being immune to the effects of this recent inflation. This means it’s more important now than ever before to focus on maximizing efficiency and minimizing job waste for your operation to remain a step above the competitors.

At SWI Machinery, we pride ourselves on offering world-class innovative sheet metal machines with a host of standard features to ensure you get the most out of your production. While all our machines provide reliable, state-of-the-art technology, two machines in particular are in high demand for the efficiency they bring to an operation – the Marxman Pro Automatic Slitter and the Twin Mandrel Capstan Uncoiler.

Marxman Pro Automatic Slitter

The Marxman Pro Automatic Slitter is one of the most advanced sheet metal blanking systems on the market today featuring these key benefits:

– Automatic knife increases uptime and adjusts quickly between jobs to keep your operation moving

– Auto job nesting can configure multiple jobs onto one sheet to reduce off-cut waste

– Our advanced part cut system to cut any slit, even in the middle of a sheet, with no damage to adjacent parts

– Speeds up to 150fpm (50m/min) allows you to process more material per manhour

– Automatic labeling system applies custom barcodes to each part, which allows for minimal downtime when moving between slitter and folder and reduces the risk of operator error

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Twin Mandrel Capstan Uncoiler

The new generation SWI Twin Mandrel Capstan Uncoiler is based upon the same reliable mechanical design that has kept dozens of these machines operating around the clock for the past 20 years, including the following benefits:

– Speeds over 150 fpm/50 mpm

– Load one coil while running a job on another

– Two sizes – 12,000lbs & 4,400lbs – to fit your operation’s needs

– Clever zone guarding and safety features, such as captive wheel tracks to prevent tipping

– Less scrap produced equating to much less waste

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These machines have everything it takes (and then some) to elevate your operation with superlative results in efficiency and waste minimization. Browse our full catalog of sheet metal machinery at SWImachinery.com or fill out a Request Quote form to receive a personalized quote for your business needs.