Twin Mandrel Uncoiler

Twin Mandrel Capstan Uncoiler

The SWI ‘Twin Mandrel’ capstan style uncoiler is available in capacities of 6 ton and 2 ton. The 6-ton capacity machines are suitable for coils to 1220mm / 49” wide.  The 2-ton machines are suitable for narrow feed coils up to 1000mm (39”) diameter and 400mm (16”) wide – such as guttering and trim coils.

SWI has been manufacturing Twin Mandrel uncoilers for more than 20 years with all these machines still in operation today. Many are in high-volume, double-shift operations and have been operating nonstop since installed.

The new generation SWI Twin Mandrel is based upon the same reliable mechanical design that has kept dozens of these machines operating around the clock over the past 20 years. Features of the new design include on-board European hydraulics, European gearmotors, SEW variable speed drives, brass wedge expansion mandrels, and durable 1” duplex chain drives.

With clever zone guarding, it’s possible to safely load or unload the off-line mandrel while the on-line mandrel is in use. SWI Twin Mandrel safety systems are implemented in accordance with international safety standards, including dual channel emergency stop and guard circuits. Guard resets can only be performed from outside the protected areas.

The optional hydraulic coil cars are robust and designed for long-term serviceability. The four pillars have long, maintenance-free bushings with sealed end caps to prevent debris ingress. On-board hydraulics provide simple maintenance and adjustable speed control. Captive wheel tracks prevent tipping and a safety switch is installed to ensure that capstan rotation cannot be initiated unless the coil car is parked clear of the mandrels.

The simple yet effective mechanical design makes SWI Twin Mandrel uncoilers the perfect economical solution where fast coil changeover is required with minimum fuss.


  • Industrial gear driven slew ring rotation
  • SEW variable speed drive
  • Speeds over 150 fpm / 50mpm
  • Durable brass wedge expansion system with easily accessible lube points
  • Electrical enclosure & lockable isolator
  • Deublin hydraulic rotary unions
  • Dual channel emergency stop circuit.
  • On-board hydraulic micro pack for expand/collapse
  • Duplomatic hydraulic valves
  • SICK laser 0-10V potentiometer for accurate and smooth speed control
  • Allen Bradley control hardware
  • Bonfiglioli braked gearmotor
  • Triple main shaft bearings – sealed
  • 4 machined solid steel palms with chamfered ends
  • All metal surfaces are nickel plated or powder coated for long lasting durable finish


  • Capacity: 6-ton / 2-ton
  • Mandrel length: 1220mm
  • Minimum mandrel collapsed diameter 455mm
  • Maximum line speed 100mpm / 300 fpm
  • Colour: SWI standard colours

A control console is included for the capstan uncoiler. The console will have Jog FWD, Jog REV, Expand and Collapse as well as Coil Car controls where needed. The on-board hydraulic pack will start and stop on demand as required when a mandrel ‘expand’ or ‘collapse’ button is pressed.