Modular Uncoiler


SWI’s range of Modular Uncoilers are the perfect coil feeding solution to complement any of SWI’s Marxman slitter/blankers or other process lines. With the convenience of powered mandrels, and the efficiency of multiple coil loading, the Modular Uncoilers are also available with optional coil cars to make coil loading a breeze.

SWI Uncoilers, as well as the SWI ADSS coil farm (Automatic Decoiling & Storage System), have become the popular choice to complement Marxman slitters. These higher-volume Uncoilers can be integrated with the Marxman Plus & Marxman Pro to provide coil consumption feedback to SWI’s ShopLink software, and directly back to your ERP.



  • Smart Modular Design
  • Modular Arrangements from 1 to 4 Mandrel Stations
  • Low-Cost, Integrated Coil Cars for Any or All Stations
  • Automatic Uncoilers up to 10 tons
  • SEW Drives
  • Simple, Automatic Speed Control



  • Maximum Speed: 50m/min (150FPM)
  • Length Repeatability: ±1mm (±0.040”)
  • Maximum Coil Width: 1244mm (49″)
  • Minimum Coil ID: 17.5″ (444.5mm)
  • Electrical Supply: 415V/3PH/60HZ
  • Maximum Coil Weight: Up to 10 metric tons (22,000 lbs)